Planned Projects


The REPAIR FWCS 2020 program includes major renovations and/or additions at 5 buildings as well as improvements to lighting, corridors, security, accessibility, window and partial roof replacements and temperature controls upgrades at a total of 28 other buildings. Proposed improvements are detailed below.

Major Renovations

Locations: Wayne High School, Blackhawk and Miami Middle Schools


Major renovations include improvements and/or replacement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting and electrical improvements, security improvements, window replacements and upgrades to building finishes.

​The 3 schools included were all listed as in need of renovation for consideration during the planning phase for the REPAIR 2016 program. They were postponed to allow for completion of additional elementary building major renovations and air conditioning projects.



Locations: Levan Scott Academy and Franke Park Elementary

​Levan Scott Academy and Franke Park Elementary both currently utilize modular classrooms requiring that staff and students leave the main building to access, which is a security concern. There is also significant population growth in the southeast sector of the district driving a need for additional classroom space.

Corridor and Lighting Improvements

Locations: Bill C. Anthis Center and Towles Intermediate School

Corridor lighting and lockers are at the end of their useful life and are in need of replacement.

Entrance Vestibule & Office Security Modifications

Locations: Adams, Forest Park, Holland, Indian Village, Northcrest, South Wayne and Washington Elementary Schools; Young Early Childhood Center; Lakeside and Portage Middle Schools

​Significant modifications and relocation of office areas are needed to complete the remaining nine schools that do not currently have a true secure vestibule entrance. Projects at Forest Park and Washington Elementary also include the addition of elevator access to all floors.

ADA Accessibility Improvements

Locations: Adams, Franke Park, Harrison Hill, South Wayne and Weisser Park Elementary Schools; Young Early Childhood Center; Memorial Park, Kekionga, Northwood and Portage Middle Schools; CAS Nebraska; Helen P. Brown Natatorium; North Side and South Side High Schools; Bill C. Anthis Center

​Repairs and modernization of existing elevators and lifts.

Window Replacements

Locations: Arlington, Lincoln and Holland Elementary

Replacement of existing inefficient single pane window systems.

Roof Replacements

Locations: Adams, Croninger, Forest Park, Glenwood Park, Indian Village, Maplewood, Price, St. Joseph Central, Waynedale and Weisser Park Elementary; CAS Nebraska; Northwood Middle School; Helen P. Brown Natatorium; North Side, Northrop and South Side High Schools; Bill C. Anthis Center, Construction Trades, Facilities, FACE, Warehouse

Ongoing roof replacement per the district's replacement schedule, based on warranty/lifecycle expiration. Needs projections currently exceed annual capital projects funding availability through 2026.

Temperature Controls Upgrade

Location: South Side High School

Replace temperature controls systems that are technologically obsolete and no longer supported.

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